Are you at a cross road?
Probably life has been very cruel and unfair to you.
Have you been deserted by friends and loved ones for one reason or the other? May be you have been scammed by one of the numerous fly by the night, shinning objects scattered all over the cyberspace and consequently in a very terrible state of mind.


Pure Minds Wesulight International (PMWi) Offers extraordinary strengthening administrations that enables your life. We change living for good..…and engages individuals around us and the global world. It's insufficient to have lived. We had resolved to live to something, it could make satisfaction for others, sharing what we have for the advancement of humanity. Live and joy, for we believe that "Life is a blessing from God, Life offers us the benefit, opportunity, and obligation to give something back by turning out to be more".

1. . Altruistic Services:

Pure Minds Wesulight International (PMWi), renders Altruistic Contributions and stunning administrations that changes and raising people individuals and non-individuals (less benefit, window, motherless homes and the destitute). We have faith in people to carry on with a superior way of life, escape destitution, need and need. As a member, we have confidence in our individuals and we jump at the chance to influence lives of others through them, since they are nearer to the general population around them. It is required of our individuals to suggest individuals (the penniless, dowagers, Helpless) for strengthening. By so doing, they turn into our assistance partner.

At stage 3-MASTER, each part is required to investigate their group and neighborhood and prescribe two people to the association forever time strengthening. Likewise at PROFESSIONAL’s (Stage 4),members are required to check out them for any motherless home or impaired home, and convey their contact location to the association, after which Pure Minds Wesulight International (PMWi) will visit these homes for distinct touch and engage them.

2. Exchange and Skill Acquisition Services:

At Pure Minds Wesulight International (PMWi), we have faith in human capital improvement and that is the reason this administration takes care of abilities and exchange. As a part, if you longing to secure extra aptitudes or take in an exchange, we would ensure that you have every one of the assets required for the obtaining. This is our method for changing and raising individuals globally to get the right balance in their profession, At LEADER'S stage, individuals who expect to procure ability or take in an exchange can convey their goal to the association, where to learn and which exchange or expertise to secure might be talked about and all fundamental course of action with regards to the effective fruition of such should be made accessible by Pure Minds Wesulight International (PMWi). It is our methods for enabling individuals and Changing their lives for good.


4. Budgetary Empowerment Services:

Whether you are a Rookie in the business world or an expert, we believe you require more cash to satisfy your monetary objective and that is the place PMGi ventures in. Do you have any money related test? then again your business has been enduring a result of absence of cash, might be your fantasy is to set up another business or you essentially need to grow your current one, we are here for you, we engage your business, we give assistance to help you to accomplish your fantasy.  We put stock in changing lives of our individuals and as is commonly said, the inactive personality is workshop for the villain, We need our individuals to be effectively occupied with profitable monetary activities and in the meantime prospering in it.

Business Loan - PMWi, helps you with a credit to execute that task or business. At the complete cycle of the Stage 7 (EXPERT), PMWi will help you with an interest free advance of $4,000, the advance must be completely paid up within a year relying upon the reminder of comprehension came to - PMGWi permit week after week, month to month or quarterly payment.

The grant is offered in three classifications

Educational Fund For Members kids - Unlike number two and three underneath, this is an asset made accessible for individuals children(two), every time a part finish the VETERAN'S stage, $400 is consequently paid to the part as instructive asset. See points of interest on our remuneration plan.

Scholarship for Orphans Leading group of Trustee individuals are required to visit any halfway house in their neighborhood and prescribe 2 vagrants yearly from various homes, this two might be given grant, To bolster the shelter home and the vagrants in that, PMWi worldwide planned this to connect with vagrants in our general public. It is a piece of our Altruistic administrations to the general public where our individuals lives.

SCHOLARSHIP FOR RELIGIOUS PEOPLE This kind of strengthening is additionally by proposal from our Trustee, Trustee individuals are to prescribe 2 less advantaged yearly from any religious social event, such individuals must be in need and impeded in paying their instruction charges/educational cost. All together for us to influence and Change more lives for good, we have chosen to investigate religious bodies and associations, most particularly the temples and mosques. On endorsement, our territorial reps should visit such church to engage their people.





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